F 1 D 0 - 2005 02 17 at 1900

The Will to Power

1. Nihilism: A Point of departure: it is an error to consider 
"social distress" or "physiological degeneration" or, worse, 
corruption, as the cause

2. The end of Christianity--at the hands of its own morality

3. Skepticism regarding morality is what is decisive.

4. Against "meaninglessness"; Residues of value judgments 
are found everywhere in socialistic and positivistic systems.

Astrid's visit to Toronto was an exercise of her will to
power, to see how much she could get, how far she could
push limits, how much sympathy she could engender.

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- -

2005 01 25

Let me introduce some people. Astrid Cecilia Sandoval and 
Jennie Ida Forsyth-Fiorito.

I met them both in Toronto. They arrived to visit me,
citing problems at their parent's home in Ft Lauderdale.

They are - the same person. 

She talked about money trouble, and had a
legitimate excuse for requiring me to purchase
her ticket to Toronto. To her credit, she paid
for this promptly. She also needed airfare getting
back home, and craved cigarettes and many bottles
of Tylenol-1 pills. She cost me $350.00 
for these expenses, and promised to pay it back.

If you meet one of these people online, beware. 
Check the AIM contact info list. These were the
user names she had at time of writing:

AIM contact info

MSN and Hotmail info

View Source, see the bottom.

She will quickly put you at ease, and make you feel
comfortable, that you've found someone you have 
been looking for, and that she has as well. She has
a remarkable sense for how to make you feel like
talking about yourself, and to listen to her stories.

She will talk about her home in Chicago, and her
parent's home in Ft Lauderdale. If she phones you
from her cell phone, it has a 954 area code.

Mind games will become a problem in the end. She is
well skilled in science as a pharmacist, and knows drugs
and street skills more than she lets on. She is a
talented and friendly guest, making her the ideal
"Con Man". The contant changes in the facts she
tells causes waves of concern, forgiveness, confusion
and then concern again. She could be seeking such a 
reaction, a Mind Fcuk.

She has a knack for mimicking symptoms, and presenting
herself to doctors so that she gets pretty much any
prescription product available.  Her multiple identifications
are useful when the pills run out too quickly.

She has figured out how to get spare birth certificates,
passports, and other documentation for the Social 
Security Administration.  This is a source of great pride.

Astrid insists she doesn't use them: she gives them
to her brothers and her oldest best friend, Tammy.
Of course.

But when you meet her, she often shows
symptoms of drug use or withdrawal, including fatigue, 
an inability to eat, mumbling incomprehensible speech
and has buckling pains half the time. 

At this time of writing, she has recently 
had stomach surgery, and has metal staples
holding it together. 

When I first met her, she presented as very interested, very
physical, very loving. She truly desires acceptance.

She has quickly moved beyond interest in me, and
continues sending messages of interest and lust to my
room mate, Jeff, who has just about had quite enough of
this drama. 

No surprise, she seems to have blocked my contacting her.

- -

2005 01 25

Dear Reader,

I will take this page down when the problems 
with Astrid stop.  She also has to stop
contacting Jeff. The terrible charade that is going
on must come to an end, or the following facts will
be disclosed:

I am posting the details of her visit here for the
benefit of those thinking of meeting her. A search
on Google will turn up this facts page when you search
for her name. (If you are thinking of a romantic 
connection with this woman, exercise caution.)

If the above brings no relief, information will be sent
to security personnel at CVS and Walgreens about the 
fraud situation going on.

Finally, if the problems aren't resolved, information
about duplicate identities and exploited social security
will be passed along as tips to the US Dept of Justice, Homeland
Security, and the Social Security anonymous tips hotline.

- -

2005 02 19

Dear Astrid

You must do the following

1. Stop all contact with Jeff Goebel. No more email,
no more instant messaging. 

2. Tell Carl (and any other dangerous
friends you know) to stop calling and 
threatening to visit and hurt me. 


- -

2005 02 17 at 1900


Within a few days after promising me you would
stop all contact with Jeff, you wrote to him, and 
started chatting using a new screen name girlHEARSvoices (AIM).

To your credit, you have blocked my account from
chatting directly with you.

But after this time, it still appears that this
is just another way of seeing how far you can carry
out this charade with us.

On my last message to you, I said that Thursday 
would be the day I escalate this matter, seeking
redress from you.

If this matter is not fully resolved by 2005 Feb 21,
Monday, then I will further escalate this complaint.


- -

2005 02 17 at 2100

Dear Reader,

I have just received a cel phone call from a Carl
Fiorito. This man called me claiming to be
her husband. 

I found this curious. Astrid said she has
never been married, and that her mother's
name was Fiorito, and that her father's
name was Forsyth. That's why she was able 
to get a passport so easily in the
name Jennie Ida Forsyth-Fiorito.

This man sounded nice, and like a nice Jewish
man. In fact, if you've ever listened to Howard
Stern, he sounded just like him. His words were
just like a hit man. Very friendly, but
promising to visit me in person if I didn't
just let this go. Maniacal laughter. 

He could play Howard Stern, actually. He 
reminded me of Howard Stern sooo much. Or
a protective Uncle.

There is no reason for him to visit me in person
except to hurt me.

I told him I was prepared to take all of this
information off the site if he took care of
these expenses.

He told me I should just consider it some kind
of mistake, and write it off.

I told him that as long as this debt is outstanding
there was no closure.

Then I asked him, "Hey? How is Brennan?" "Who is 
Brennan," he answers. "Can you spell that?"

If he's married to Astrid/Jennie (he called her
Jennie, and couldn't help himself) then he should
know Brennan, her twin brother, his own Brother-in-law.

Instead, he needed to hem and haw.
I consider him complicit in this charade. 

I called the number he gave me. Area code 612
is the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. The 
message answered "This is Carl, Joe and Didi.
No one is here. Please leave a message."
It was his voice on the recording.

The prefix is 804 and that is a cell phone.
Such numbers can be migrated to anywhere.
The rest is 6147. 

If I vanish, dear reader, make sure the information
gets to the right people. I am thinking that this
the phone call was from someone who plans to visit
me to use force to show me some common sense, in a
frightening kind of way.

- i've told my lawyer (and friends) all about this
mess, and knows to take up this message should
I become hurt or pass away in 'an accident'.

- -

2005 02 19 at 0400

I met with the Toronto Police today. 

For Carl, who phoned me on Thurs Evening: the police
say I am not to take any of your phone calls
if your caller ID comes onto my phone, nor 
should I accept any further calls with blocked

Carl, You do not have my permission to visit me in
person, and any such attempts will be considered
an act of agression. If you come to Toronto to see
me, I must assume it is only for the purpose of
doing me harm or frightening me.

To Police and Investigative Personnel: when apprehending
Astrid/Jennie, exercise caution. She exhibits the symptoms
of Borderline Personality Disorder, as well as exceptional
depression over this situation coming to light. Treat her
as cornered and dangerous, and follow "suicide watch" rules.
She is very talented, and has convinced many doctors and
other officials to prepare prescriptions for extreme pain
and letters of disability. 

Picture of Astrid and my brother, in Hamilton ON, taken 2005 01