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F 1 D 0 - 2005 11 08 at 2100

Raw trip details. I'll edit them later.

051103 harvard sq

yesterday i wandered harvard sq for a long time - some things never change.

A very skinny girl is pushing a carriage and a baby. She is approached. Hugged by 3 shady looking guys. They are tall and tuff and appear to know her sexually. After chatting at length she says bye and approaches a guy who has been sleeping on a bench for a long time.

"You should give up this shit," he says. She gives him $20 and they both walk in opposite directions.

Today and yesterday 4 different girls asked me for a smoke, and I think they wanted to sell me drugs. Just a hunch.

Today a girl and guy were working as a tag team. Girl asks for smokes, guy collects them. Awful!

Today my walk took me to Revere. It's a lovely beach spot. It's also a poor area but every here works. Or is a senior citizen.

I've taken many pictures. Most show the history. Huge 4-storey buildings. These are all 5-bedroom apartments.

There is a contradance at the VFW hall today but I am falling asleep! I am unmotivated. Also I am remembering that I was never loved as a dace parter in this town. It's not fun if you have to fight to get partners.

So maybe I will reconsider going tonight, but I am already downtown so who knows.


I went! I was recognized by dan pearl and a tall setup guy. It was a very good dance. I left 15m early to catch an infrequent bus to Harvard Square.

051105 quincy wal-mart

my adventure was led by a wish to buy cheap paper and fungicide. I was successful. With some effort i found the only wal-mart t accessible.

Quincy has 4 towns on the red line. This one required I have a combo pass not just a subway pass. Or pay 2 tokens to get in.

Once I got there I found a town newer than brookline but still pelnty old with a british style town square.

The people are mixed. Rich poor, white spanish black asian. Jewish muslim churchy and drinker.

I'm on the red train home. There must be some kind of boston bruins game because I see tickets, bear outfits etc. It's 615pm and the train is full.

U got out at Quinvcy Centre Stop. Many buses come and go from there. They individually only come every 30 or 60 minutes! That's insanity!

My bus to weymouth was 40 minutes away. With a wait that long I decided to check out the town. The stores downtown are alive and are huge inside!

051107 navy yard charlestown

i was not sure where I wanted to go. I just knew it was already 1pm and the sun was moving out of sight. Without much preparation I went to haymarket station where you can see the ports and the boats.

It was a construction mess! I followed the signs to "out" and they led me to the charlestown bridge. I walked across with only some vertigo. Eventually I gotto the navy yard!

I saw theUSS Constitution, a boat so big they draw it on the map!

When I got further inside I saw the most amazing train tracks. If wide ones are a "1" then these are a 2.5 wide. The crander for unloading the ships use these tracks.

If you go too close you risk a lecture from a park ranger. Naval officers are all over the place but this is considered a national park and is protected by rangers. Rangers are notjust librarians who show you around the city- they carry guns and are full police.

If you should happen to need a public toilet you already know cares etc don't want you using theirs. Visit a museum or visitors centre. Huge public space begging you to have a rest there. The catch: Short hours (10am to 5pm).

I'm not into wars and that's whata navy is all about. The first bigfight was in Tripoli because goveernment sanctioned pirate ships were taking merchant boats, contents and crew. For Keeps. Ok, if the USA paid a big enough ransom, the merchant sailors were freed. Ittook about 3 years, but could take 11 or more. It depends!

Normal pirates wants your stuff and were in a hurry to kill you. But this was about money and business. So they needed you alive. In fact, you got a small wage for slavery. This money let you eat at the local restaurant, drink at the bar, or buy things at the Slave Shop COOP. How considerate!

I intended to continue walking along the port but the 93 bus came - yay! it took me though charlestown. Just as well, since the sun was already blocked by the buildings.

I'm sure I've mentioned how affluent Brookline is: most other towns around here are Not. Charlestown is a place with many spanish and white working people. I found ita little scary until I saw people were also afraid of me too!

I caught the 101 bus which takes me through medford. I saw springstep, the folk dance centre. It's beside city hall. I should have gotten off the bus, since the dance was right then, not tuesday, as I thought!! It's beside city hall, next to the thruway. Not pedestrian friendly!

The 93 bus took me to sullivan square on the orange line. The 101 bus took me to malden station, also on theorange line. I went south and got off at North Station. I've never been there! It's brand new looking. And insanely busy.

The train station and the Banknorth stadium share the same space. Banknortyh is what they call the TD Bank around here.

I found my way back into North Stn to catch the C train. I got off at coolidge corner to stop at Trader Joe's, a trendy store with wonderful eats. I wanted to buy more hot sauce, but all 10 cashiers were waay too busy. So I went to the local starbucks and wrote this all down.

I've been here from 1800 to 2000.