Frogstar Email Services
Web Based Mail System

In addition to a traditional email address you use within your Outlook or Eudora Email software, Frogstar also supports a web-based email system that allows you to check your email from anywhere in the world - anytime.

Using any computer connected to the Internet, point the web browser to this address:

http://frogstar.com:8000 (You may need to enter the address exactly as shown, including the http:// portion)

At this point, you enter your email address in the USER ID box, and the password you have been assigned in the Password box.  Click LOG IN and you'll be greeted with the Frogstar Web Based email menu;

This menu shows you how many email messages you have waiting, both read and new.  The example above shows 2 messages.

The VIEW MENU option on the blue-ish purple option bar displays a new menu;

Here we see a listing of all the messages in your IN mailbox.  When they are shown in yellow, they are new messages.  Once you read each message, it will be displayed in white.  If messages have file attachments, the envelope image will have a little paperclip symbol attached to it.

To read a message, simply click anywhere on the blue portion of the message subject.

When viewing the messages, you have several options.  You may delete it, reply, or forward it to another user email.  You can also click NEXT or PRE to read the other messages without having to return to the VIEW MAIL menu every time.


There is a COMPOSE menu option on the purple menu bar.  Clicking this opens the Compose window.

Here you can manually enter an email address, a subject, and the content of a new message.  When you click SEND, the message will be sent.


Up on the top right of the mail system screen is a drop down menu which includes several account options.

From here, we can open new web pages designed to allow you to make changes to the way this mail system works, or adjust your user settings and email passwords.  Feel free to examine these options, or ignore them.  Some users will fine the available changes helpful, and others will be perfectly happy not even knowing the options exist.

Help is available at any time from the on-screen help menu.

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